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Lemon Cherry

Lemon Cherry

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Bright, zingy, tart, crunchy and sweet. 

Lemon Cherry tastes like sunshine caramel, and she performs just as majestically. 

Supreme energy, focus, endurance and stress support for the moments you need to be ON. Designed to be eaten before/during hard workouts, stressful work days and everything in between. She'll slap you on the butt and shout Go Get 'Em Tiger just when you need it most.

Performance - in a bar. 

Designed to keep you firing on all cylinders mentally and physically, our Perform line helps you feel energized and alert, with zero jitters or crash.

Made with real food. Designed to increase your focus, tolerance for stress and physical output. With easily digestible nutrients, functional mushrooms and adaptogenic superfoods to keep you feeling amazing before and during moments of serious output.


Zahidi Dates*
Dried Cherries*
Hemp Seeds*
Pea Protein*
Spinach Powder*
Chia Seeds*
Sunflower Lecithin
Lion's Mane*
Sea Salt
Pure Lemon Oil

This bar is 94% Organic. We’re not certified yet, but we’re working on it!

Functional mushrooms and adaptogen superfoods designed for performance:
-Lion’s Mane: sharpens focus, enhances clarity, uplifts mood, sparks creativity. 

-Cordyceps: Boosts endurance, supports stress, enhances stamina, sustains energy. 

All of our mushrooms are 100% organically grown in California on gluten-free oats, under clean air and starry skies.These happy little creatures are harvested once they've completed their full growth cycle. What does that mean? It means these little dudes will be working double time for your precious adrenals, your immune system and your mood. (None of our products actually taste like mushrooms; all benefits, no shroomy flavors.) 

Chock full of vitamins, minerals, greens, healthy fats and plant protein to give your body exactly what it needs, in just a few bites. 

Performance-oriented superfoods and adaptogens that conform to your brain and body's needs in real time, balancing hormones, combatting stress and promoting recovery.  

Made with the highest quality whole foods from organic, sustainable sources without fillers, random grains, added sugars, preservatives or shelf-stable crap.  

Not all sugar is created equal. 

Our bars are sweetened with whole dates and balanced with plant protein, fiber and healthy fats that slow down the absorption of sugars. These ingredients work together to balance blood sugars and build sustained energy over a longer duration. 

When should I eat a Perform Bar? 

Eat a Perform Bar before or during doing anything gnarly. We designed our Perform line to be easily digestible so you can eat it on the go without slowing down. Made with Lion’s Mane to sharpen focus and enhance clarity, these bars will be your savior when you find that you’re bonking during a long ride or a sport climb. Cordyceps will help to boost your endurance, support stress and sustain energy. So you can keep your cool and also look really cool while you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Pro Tip: keep one of these bars handy in your car so when you find yourself sitting in traffic wishing death on a random person, you can quickly do away with your hangry road rage by eating something that’ll make you feel great. 

Lemon Cherry is a weird flavor, will I like it? 

Hi there, Chelsea here. This is a great question. I am a chocolate peanut butter person, through and through. It’s my go-to flavor choice. I’ve never reached for a fruit flavored bar in the supermarket. I actually cringe at the thought of a fruit bar when I’m hungry and want to feel satiated. But man, when I first tried our Lemon Cherry bar, it changed everything for me. They’ve somehow surpassed my love for every savory flavor because of how unique and delicious they taste. They have this rich nuttiness to them, with a bright, zingy, crunchy kick that feels like sunshine caramel in your mouth. We’ve trialed many flavors of Send Bars in our test kitchen (more to come!) and this one is by far my favorite. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed. 

How should I store my bars? 

They can live in your kitchen, in your car, in your climbing backpack, in your locker, but we really like to keep them in the fridge. They’re exceptional when they’re chilled. It’s feels like you’re biting into a fresh ice cream cookie.

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