About Us

SEND founders: Olympian Arianne Jones and Pro Rock Climber Sasha DiGiulian

Our Story

We're a team of athletes who were convinced there was a better solution to healthy on-the-go. When we couldn't find adventure food that met our standards, we created SEND Bars.

Chock full of superfoods, functional mushrooms, adaptogens and greens specifically designed to help you perform and recover better. Made with the highest quality ingredients. Produced in small batches to ensure freshness and bioavailability.

Tested by athletes in different conditions all over the world, from Everest to Antarctica.  

Learn more about our story and the meaning of Send here.

Our Founder

"I've been making my own bars for a over decade. There was no easy way to get greens when I was studying, working or traveling to remote locations to climb.

Eating store bought crag food never made me feel good. I knew I could do better. Better for me. Better for the planet. Better for everyone who wants to get out there and do what they love, knowing they are eating something that's truly fueling their adventure.

After getting double reconstruction hip surgery, I learned to appreciate the power of food and nutrition like never before. There wasn't anything on the market I wanted to put into my body to help me heal, let alone get back out there and start performing again. So we set out to create a line of adventure food that checked all the boxes."

- Sasha DiGiulian

Professional Climber, World Champion, Author, Speaker 
Sasha DiGiulian Professional Climber, World Champion, Philanthropist, Founder of SEND Bars
Arianne Jones, Olympian, World Cup Gold Medalist, Holistic Nutrition R.H.N., Chef, Recipe Developer, Co-Founder of SEND Bars

Our Co-Founder

"My journey as a professional athlete led me to value fuel as an integral component of performance and recovery. Especially after I broke my back and used food to come back and win gold.

My journey as a holistic nutritionist and chef led me to question everything I was taught in sport about food and fuel.

When I was diagnosed with Lyme, I began to truly understand food as medicine - particularly adaptogens, since they so powerfully regulate mood, stress, hormones, brain function and emotional well-being. It's my goal to make adventure food that is healthy AF, damn delicious and fuels your journey wherever your journey may take you." 

- Arianne Jones

Olympian, World Cup Gold Medalist, Holistic Nutrition R.H.N, Chef, Recipe Developer

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

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High Quality Fuel

Organic ingredients of the highest quality. No additives, preservatives or artificial anything. 

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Sweetened By Fruit

Whole real dates and that's it. No sugar alcohols, syrups or added sweeteners. 

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Functional Superfoods

Adaptogens for energy and stress support. Dark leafy greens you can't even taste. 

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10G Plant Protein

From nuts, seeds and plants. Food for you and good for our beautiful planet. 

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Damn Delicious 

Never any "natural" flavors. Our flavors come from real food like cinnamon, bananas and lemons. 

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Made With Love

Freshly batched from our Boulder, Colorado diggs, straight to your doorstep.