What SEND means

SEND Bars team


Hi there, Chelsea here. That's me on the right. I head up brand and marketing at SEND and I thought I’d tell you a little bit about why we decided to name our company SEND Bars. 


The word “send” and and the phrase “to send it” have a deep history in the world of sport. Legend has it that it originated in rock climbing, but freeride mountain bikers would tell you otherwise. 


Go send it! Is synonymous with sticking the landing after gapping a ski jump, clipping the chains at the top of a bolted sport route, summiting a 14er or completing a technical mountain biking trail. But to us here at SEND, the phrase means so much more. 


My sports are climbing, skiing and surfing, and I’ve experienced glorious “sendage” in the traditional sense. But I’m also a mom. A wife. An entrepreneur. An amature baker. An aspiring fly fisherwoman. And a terrible bowler. 


  Trad Climbing


My point is that I'm not just one thing, and my "sends" aren't limited to a single space or area in my life. 


Our team at SEND is comprised of incredibly badass humans. Yes, humans who are ridiculously talented athletes but these freaks of nature also have families, responsibilities and big life goals that go beyond a single sport. They lead full, complex, multifaceted lives. And they show up for all of it. 


To us, “sending it” means being present, trying hard and living fully. It means having integrity and honor. It means setting big goals and loving yourself along the way there. 


When it came time for us to step into the world as a company, we knew we wanted a name that not only honored that radical try hard, but a name that we could breathe life into, and redefine in our own way. 


It goes beyond the food we make. Beyond the adventures we take. (That was an unintended rhyme.) 


And there you have it. I look forward to sharing our stories with you so that you can truly get to know how and more importantly why we are SEND. 


Send Team