A bar to take you everywhere.

Our story
Gluten free, vegan, organic fresh food bars

Absolutely delicious. Having greens on the go, especially in remote places, is great!

Lynn Hill, Climbing Legend

Clean burning, stress fighting, nutrient rich fuel that tastes amazing.

Richmond Champion, Million Dollar Cowboy

I eat SEND Bars often and I swear I can feel the effects of the adaptogens.

Jeff Christie, Olympic Luger

"The best tasting fresh food bar, period."

Bars for Performance

Get Lemon Cherry
SEND bars

Bars for Recovery

Get Salted Peanut

Adventure fuel made for the send.

We have really high standards.

Like, really high. We cut out all of the crap found in most bars and replaced it with real food your body can recognize, process, digest and thrive from.

Better ingredients that do more.

No random crap.

Mushroom magic.

We add greens to every SEND Bar

A handful of greens in every bar.

Sweetened by the best sugar out there.

Small batch, always fresh.

A bar ten years in the making.

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Built with heart and nutrition in mind. The taste is unreal.

Conrad Anker, Mountaineer & Climbing Legend

I bring these bars on every trip. It's the easiest way to get greens anywhere in the world.

Tommy Joyce, Filmmaker

SEND Bars taste as good as sending feels!

Michaela Kirsch, Professional Climber