A superfood protein bar that actually tastes good. Imagine that.

Send Bars are made with real food and real food only. Easily digestible plant protein, greens, functional mushrooms and adaptogenic superfoods to make every go a send go.

Send Bars

Whether you need energy, endurance, stress support or recovery, we've got your back.

Designed to increase your focus, tolerance for stress, physical output and immune response. And they're damn delicious too.

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About Us

"I’ve spent the past decade making my own bars for climbing expeditions. Nothing sold in stores made me feel good enough to perform my best."

-Sasha DiGiulian

Meet The Team

Like, really high.

We have high standards.

The jist.

We cut out all of the crap found in most bars and replaced it with real food your body can thrive from.

Better ingredients that do more.

We add a superfood stack to each of our formulas, designed specifically for performance and recovery. Made with whole plant protein, brain healthy omegas, fiber, antioxidants and iron.

No random crap.

We don't use preservatives, additives, random grains or anything artificial. This makes our bars ultra fresh, easily digestible, tummy-ache free and deeply nourishing.

Mushroom magic.

All of our formulas include combinations of functional mushrooms and adaptogens that support brain function, regulate stress, boost your immune system and calm your nerves.

A handful of greens in every bar.

We add dark, leafy greens rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium and iron. Greens that help stabilize blood glucose levels and combat inflammation. (And you can't even taste them.)

Sweetened by the best sugar out there.

Organic dates. That's it. Balanced with plant protein, fiber and healthy fats that work together to balance blood sugars and build sustained energy over a longer duration.

Small batch, always fresh.

We produce bars a single batch at a time, ensuring that our ingredients remain supremely fresh. Our commercial kitchen is local to our Boulder, Colorado digs.

  • Send Bars are absolutely delicious. Plus, having greens on the go in remote places is amazing!

    Lynn Hill, Climbing Legend

  • Clean burning, nutrient rich food that tastes amazing, and 10g of protein to boot!

    Richmond Champion, Million Dollar Cowboy

  • The effects of the adaptogens are very real. Send Bars as a powerful training tool.

    Jeff Christie, Olympic Luger

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