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Half and Half Case: Lemon Cherry + Salted Peanut

Half and Half Case: Lemon Cherry + Salted Peanut

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A match made in sweet, crunchy heaven.

This delicious 12-pack (96 bars) combines two fan favorites: 6 boxes of Lemon Cherry and 6 boxes of Banana Bread. More about each bar below: 

Lemon Cherry: Bright, zingy, tart, crunchy and sweet. 

Lemon Cherry tastes like sunshine caramel, and she performs just as majestically. 

Supreme energy, focus, endurance and stress support for the moments you need to be ON. Designed to be eaten before/during hard workouts, stressful work days and everything in between. She'll slap you on the butt and shout Go Get 'Em Tiger just when you need it most.

Smooth, salty, rich, creamy and sweet. 

This total dreamboat of a bar was the first in our Recover line, designed to be eaten after intense mental or physical effort to calm your nerves and replenish your reserves. 

We designed Salted Peanut to taste just like a buttery peanut cookie. Equal parts sweet and salty, giving you just what you need after long sessions at work, at the gym or at the crag. 

Made with everything you need and nothing you don't. 

DAMN DELICIOUS. Never any "natural" flavors. Our flavors come from real food like cinnamon, bananas and lemons. 

HIIGH QUALITY FOOD. Organic ingredients of the highest quality. No additives, preservatives or artificial anything. 

PLANT PROTEIN. Our protein comes from nuts, seeds and plants. Good for you and good for our beautiful planet. 

FUNCTIONAL SUPERFOODS. Designed to increase your focus, tolerance for stress and physical output. With easily digestible nutrients, functional mushrooms and adaptogenic superfoods to keep you feeling amazing before and during moments of serious output. Not to mention dark leafy greens you can't even taste. 

SWEETENED BY FRUIT. Whole real dates and that's it. No sugar alcohols, syrups or artificial sweeteners. Just nectar from Mother Nature's finest. 

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