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Banana Bread

Banana Bread

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Cozy, spicy, crunchy and sweet. 

Like a hug from grandma, who happens to pack a serious punch. 

We designed Banana Bread to taste just like a loaf straight out of the steamy oven. Warm, comforting, spicy, calming and delicious. Equal parts nostalgia and comfort. 


A superfood protein bar for all your hard, stressful, badass activities.

Made with everything you need and nothing you don't. 

DAMN DELICIOUS. Never any "natural" flavors. Our flavors come from real food like cinnamon, bananas and lemons. 

HIIGH QUALITY FOOD. Organic ingredients of the highest quality. No additives, preservatives or artificial anything. 

PLANT PROTEIN. Our protein comes from nuts, seeds and plants. Good for you and good for our beautiful planet. 

FUNCTIONAL SUPERFOODS. Designed to increase your focus, tolerance for stress and physical output. With easily digestible nutrients, functional mushrooms and adaptogenic superfoods to keep you feeling amazing before and during moments of serious output. Not to mention dark leafy greens you can't even taste. 

SWEETENED BY FRUIT. Whole real dates and that's it. No sugar alcohols, syrups or artificial sweeteners. Just nectar from Mother Nature's finest. 

Chock full of vitamins, minerals, greens, healthy fats and plant protein to give your body exactly what it needs, in just a few bites. 

Performance-oriented superfoods and adaptogens that conform to your brain and body's needs in real time, balancing hormones, combatting stress and promoting recovery.

Made with the highest quality whole foods from organic, sustainable sources without fillers, random grains, added sugars, preservatives or shelf-stable crap.  

Not all sugar is created equal. 

Our bars are sweetened with whole dates and balanced with plant protein, fiber and healthy fats that slow down the absorption of sugars. These ingredients work together to balance blood sugars and build sustained energy over a longer duration. 

When should I eat a Recover Bar?  

Recover Bars are designed to be eaten and easily digested after hard, stressful activities. With 10 grams of whole plant protein, these bars are excellent to help you replenish your energy sources, build muscle and chillax after a long day out in the sun. Ashwagandha reduces stress and calms your nervous system so you can recover after that long swim, heinous hike or loud Metal concert. And Chaga balances energy and combats inflammation and boosts your immune system so you’ll be ready to go to bed, wake up and do it all again tomorrow.

How should I store my bars? 

They can live in your kitchen, in your car, in your climbing backpack, in your locker, but we really like to keep them in the fridge. They’re exceptional when they’re chilled. It’s feels like you’re biting into a fresh, banana bread ice cream cookie.

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