SEND founders: Olympian Arianne Jones and Pro Rock Climber Sasha DiGiulian

Well, hello there! 

You are here because you discovered Send Bars at CWA. Welcome to our delicious corner of the universe! 

Our Founder

"I've been making my own bars for a over decade. There was no easy way to get greens when I was studying, working or traveling to remote locations to climb.

Eating store bought crag food never made me feel good. I knew I could do better. Better for me. Better for the planet. Better for everyone who wants to get out there and do what they love, knowing they are eating something that's truly fueling their adventure.

After getting double reconstruction hip surgery, I learned to appreciate the power of food and nutrition like never before. There wasn't anything on the market I wanted to put into my body to help me heal, let alone get back out there and start performing again. So we set out to create a line of adventure food that checked all the boxes."

- Sasha DiGiulian

Professional Climber, World Champion, Philanthropist
Sasha DiGiulian Professional Climber, World Champion, Philanthropist, Founder of SEND Bars
Arianne Jones, Olympian, World Cup Gold Medalist, Holistic Nutrition R.H.N., Chef, Recipe Developer, Co-Founder of SEND Bars

Our Co-Founder

"My journey as a professional athlete led me to value fuel as an integral component of performance and recovery. Especially after I broke my back and used food to come back and win gold.

My journey as a holistic nutritionist and chef led me to question everything I was taught in sport about food and fuel.

When I was diagnosed with Lyme, I began to truly understand food as medicine - particularly adaptogens, since they so powerfully regulate mood, stress, hormones, brain function and emotional well-being. It's my goal to make adventure food that is healthy AF, damn delicious and fuels your journey wherever your journey may take you." 

- Arianne Jones

Olympian, World Cup Gold Medalist, Holistic Nutrition R.H.N, Chef, Recipe Developer

Our Promise

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Always Whole

We make real, delicious food you can taste, identify and pronounce. 

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Always Green

We put a handful of mineral rich organic greens in every bar. (You won't even notice.) 

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Always Gluten Free 

We leave gluten out of our formulas because it slows a lot of us down, and isn't really additive. 

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Always Adaptogenic 

We add adaptogens because they serve our brains, nervous systems and immune systems well. 

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Always Vegan 

We choose plant protein because it is easily digestible and ultra nourishing. 

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Always Clean

We believe the highest quality organic ingredients should be the standard. 

Our Formulas

Perform Bar

Our Perform line helps you stay energized, alert and firing quickly.

Made with easily digestible plant protein, a serving of greens you can't even taste, functional mushrooms and adaptogenic superfoods designed to increase your focus, tolerance for stress and physical output.

Eat a Perform bar before or during moments of serious output, and it will slap you on the butt and shout "Go Get Em Tiger!" just when you need it most. 

Recover Bar

Our Recover line helps you replenish and restabilize after long sessions at work, at the gym or at the crag.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, greens, healthy fats and plant protein, this bar has superfoods and adaptogens targeted for recovery - combating stress, supporting the nervous system and rebuilding muscle.

Eat a Recover bar after intense effort, when your brain and body feel like they could use a hug, a sauna or a full night of uninterrupted sleep.