Raise your vibes.

Our mantra, and what it means.

When we chose "raise your vibes" as a mantra, we knew people would think we were on some hippie sh*t.

Sure, it may seem like we retreated to the woods for an ayahuasca ceremony and reemerged with raised vibrations, but in reality, we thought really deeply about what we wanted SEND to do for people - on an individual level and for the greater collective.

Raising your vibes is about elevating ourselves and each other.

It's about loving yourself and fueling yourself with things that ignite your cells and your soul. It's about letting go of superficial things like "body goals" and "diet goals" and instead, embracing larger ideas about consuming things:


What you eat. What you read. What you spend time thinking about. What you listen to. Who you surround yourself with. How you talk to yourself. How you nourish yourself.


We want to be part of that journey for people. Sure, by making it easy for people to eat abundantly wherever they go. But also by helping them orient themselves around doing more of what they love. Maybe that's spending time outside. Or cooking. Or going on adventures to water. Or cold plunges in the snow. Or long walks. Or musty books. Or writing. Or painting. Or doing ayahuasca. It's your world!

We're just here to help you raise your awareness, and in turn, raise your vibes.


Send Bars Raise Your Vibes

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