Meet Peanut Cacao Crunch

Meet Peanut Cacao Crunch

Peanut Cacao Crunch Organic Energy Bar Vegan Gluten Free Protein Bar with Superfood


Meet Peanut Cacao Crunch. 

A perfect marriage between smooth creamy peanut butter and rich, chocolatey goodness. It's as though our Salted Peanut Bar danced naked in the rain during a magical cacao ceremony.

Cacao Peanut Crunch is the second bar in our Perform line, designed to pack a powerful punch of nutrient dense ingredients that keep you energized, alert and firing quickly - with zero jitters or crash.⁠ 

Designed to be eaten before and during adventures, this bar was made to get you through hard workouts, stressful work days and everything in between.⁠ 

We start with a creamy, dreamy, peanuty base, add some organic cacao powder to create a richer more chocolate-forward flavor profile. Then, we anoint this son of a gun with coconut nectar dusted cacao nibs. Yes, you heard that right.

Coconut Dusted Cacao Nib from the Gods

When we searched for the "perfect chocolate chip" for this bar, we kept running into the same issue: most chocolate chips are made with refined sugar and sugar alcohols - neither of which we wanted to put into our bodies when it came time to perform. Needless to say, when we discovered that some genius covered organic cacao nibs (chocolate in it's purest, more unrefined form) in coconut nectar (nature-made sugar from the coconut Gods) we knew it was just what this bar needed. 

It's giving sweet, creamy chocolate chips, without the refined sugar. All that's left is clean-burning energy, focus, endurance and stress support for your own ceremonious dance parties. 

This bar is chock full of vitamins, minerals, greens, healthy fats and plant protein to give your body exactly what it needs, in just a few bites.⁠ With performance-oriented superfoods and adaptogens that conform to your brain and body's needs in real time, increasing your tolerance for stress and physical output.⁠ 


When you enjoy a Peanut Cacao Crunch bar, you are fueling your body with: 

  • 10g of easily digestible plant protein
  • A handful of dark leafy greens 
  • Natural, unrefined cacao full of antioxidants and a hint of naturally derived caffeine for stamina 
  • Whole food sugars from dates that give you clean burning energy with no crash
  • Cordyceps to support stress and sustain energy
  • Lion’s Mane to sharpen focus, enhance clarity and spark creativity 
  • Brain healthy omegas 
  • Fiber to keep your microbiome happy 
  • And real freaking food 

Here's what you're NOT getting: 

  • Brown rice syrup (a primary ingredient in most popular bars)
  • Chemicals, fillers, preservatives or additives 
  • Refined sugars, sugar syrups or sugar alcohols 
  • Soy, palm oil or random animal products
  • Gluten or random grains 
  • Shelf-stable crap

Made with the highest quality whole foods from organic, sustainable sources. 

You hungry? 

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