Introducing our 8-pack!

Introducing our 8-pack!


Holy moly we switched it up!

Guys, allow me to formally introduce you to our gorgeous new 8-packs. These beautiful babies came from, well, you.

Since we opened our doors in May of 2022, we've made it our mission to listen to our customers and to try our best to deliver on all their hopes and dreams. And while we might not be a able to give you a 5.14d flash, we can definitely say that we've brought you to fun places and new heights! 

Here are some of the things we learned from you after we launched with our original 10-pack boxes: 

  • That our 10-packs weren't as durable as you'd hoped. So we changed the design and shape of our boxes and now instead of standing upright, our bars lay flat and are packed snugly, protecting one another until they are plucked from their cozy little homes to go on adventures with you. (But don't worry, our new boxes are still sourced from 100% post consumer recycled material, and are just as sustainable as they were before!)
  • That you wanted more flavors in a variety box. Wish granted! After many many taste trials, we launched 2 new flavors this year, and our variety pack - which we aptly named The Full Send - now houses 2 bars of each flavor, for a total of 8 shiny, delicious bars. In each Full Send box, you will find our tried and true Lemon Cherry Perform and Salted Peanut Recover bars, in addition to the new kids on the block (oh oh OH oh-oh) Peanut Cacao Crunch Perform and Banana Bread Recover. Talk about the right stuff. We're stoked for you to try them. 
  • And lastly, you told us that 10-packs were an expensive commitment. We heard you loud and clear on our price point. Not only were we able to lower the cost of each individual bar based on our confidence of ordering ingredients in bulk, but we also listened to your subsequent feedback, which was to offer a lower priced box altogether, allowing a more accessible barrier to entry to try SEND Bars. Our shiny new 8-pack boxes allow for that. 

As always, it has been our mission to grow with you and to continue to make things that you love and need and yearn for. Because we love and need and yearn for you. 


Ohh la la. 

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