Finding the right banana.

Finding the right banana.

Banana bread, we love you. 

We love you because you taste like memories. Like comfort. Like home. But here's the thing: most banana flavored things suck. 

When we set out to create our Banana Bread Recover bars, we started by buying every banana flavored bar on the market. And no disrespect, but we're gonna give it to you straight: they were all awful. Awful. Fake banana flavor, "natural flavors" filled with chemicals and seed oils. Yuck. 

None of these products tasted real. None of them tasted honest. None of them tasted like love went into making them. We were determined to change that. 

How our bananas are different. 

We make our bars with real, organic bananas. They're air dried and taste soft, like fruit leather. We fold them into their signature base of date caramel and nut butter. Made with intention and love, not to mention adaptogens, functional mushrooms and greens you can't even taste. 

Better food, better recovery.

Our recovery stack contains functional mushrooms and adaptogen superfoods that are known to balance hormones, reduce stress, stabilize blood sugar, lower cortisol levels, combat inflammation, boost your immune system and promote a peaceful nervous system. Who doesn't need that? 

Tell, 'em, Jones.

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