In search of the perfect nib

In search of the perfect nib

When we decided to launch a chocolate/peanut performance bar (**sexy Peanut Cacao Crunch winks at you from across the room**), we knew we had to dig deep. We needed chocolate that raised the bar. 

We searched far and wide for a chocolate source without any of the sneaky ingredients: refined sugar, chemicals sugar alcohols, heavy metals, etc. 

Then, we found THE nib. 

When we discovered that some genius dusted fair trade organic cacao nibs with coconut nectar, we knew it was just what this bar needed. 

Cacao nibs are chocolate in its purest, more unrefined form. Combine that with nature-made sugar from the coconut gods? Hello match made in heaven. 

We fold those sweet, creamy babies into our salted peanut base, with a bit of raw cacao powder to enhance the gentle richness of the chocolate flavor. The result? 

You experience sweet, crunchy chocolate without the refined sugar. Just clean burning, antioxidant rich energy that tastes like candy and behaves like top tier performance food. 


So get your hands on these nibs.




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