Sasha DiGiulian

A bar ten years in the making


Hi there, Sasha here, founder of SEND Bars. 


I started making my own bars as I got more into climbing outside in the early 2000's. As I took on larger climbing objectives around the world, I realized there was no way to get my daily nutrients in a compact, dense form, on-the-go. Let alone vegetables. I wasn't about to haul up a big lettuce head or bag of spinach in my backpack, so I thought - how awesome would it be to have my daily greens in my bar? 


Food is fuel for optimal performance. When I train for my expeditions, I pay a lot of attention to my health and everything that I put into my body. So, why when I am actually trying to perform my best, on “game day” should I compromise my nutrition given the circumstances of what's available?


The solution for me was to make bars in my kitchen. I would make batches of bars and bring them with me as I flew around the world to whichever climbing destination I was headed to. 


Sasha DiGiulian


As my climbing career grew, so did the bar industry. Around that same time, my knowledge of nutrition increased as I became hyper-focused on elite performance and longevity. I learned more and more about the magical powers of superfoods and adaptogens, and how they can influence performance. I also became fascinated with nutrient timing - the science of what you eat, and when. 


There were so many bars on the market, but the targeted nutrition that I was looking for was nowhere to be found. People deserved better nutrition in a bar. So we started working. Formulating. Testing. Iterating. And perfecting. We distributed bars to over 100 professional athletes who brought them on expeditions all over the world. Giving us feedback on how the bars influenced their performance and recovery. Giving us feedback on how the bars held up in extreme conditions. 


And finally, we arrived at a formula that checked all the boxes. That didn't break your teeth in freezing temps. That didn't melt all over the place in hot sun. That wasn't hard to chew. That didn't make you feel sick if you ate it on an empty stomach. It was these trials that gave us the confidence we were stepping into a saturated market with a truly valuable solution to so many people's wishes and desires. 


We created SEND Bars to fulfill a need. For some, that need is perfectly timed nutrition within a narrow window of elite performance. For others, it’s satisfying hunger on a busy work day.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who spends too much time sitting in an office chair. We make nutrient dense food you can trust, rely on, and feel great about putting into your body. 


No matter where your adventure takes you. 


Sasha DiGilian


Now get out there and send it, Sasha 

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