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5 wonderful ways to eat a SEND Bar

 At SEND, we make incredibly delicious, easily digestible, nutrient-dense food you can bring with you anywhere. But just because our food is in bar form, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with how you eat it!


Here are five wonderful ways you can eat a SEND Bar:


organic energy superfood bars with nut butter


1. Slather nut butter on it. If you have an extra moment to sit still, this adds major decadence to your snack experience. Plus it’s an additional protein boost. I like double peanut action, adding peanut butter to our Salted Peanut bar. And cashew butter is amazing with Lemon Cherry. This is my three-year-old’s favorite snack of all time. Pro tip: if you want to be really fancy, sprinkle some chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp hearts on top for an additional superfood boost. 




sipping tea with organic energy superfood bars


2. Wash each bite down with a sip of tea. This is my go-to airplane or camping delight. When flying, rather than eating those little biscottis or those ultra dehydrating salty peanuts, I ask for a hot water, bring my own tea bag and bite and sip and bite and sip. When I'm camping I bring an array of tea, a thermos and kettle for the fire which gives endless pairing possibilities. Pro Tip: Earl Gray goes excellently with Salted Peanut, and Gyokuro (or whatever Japanese Green you can get your hands on) pairs delightfully with Lemon Cherry. 





organic energy superfood bar smoothie


3. Blend it into a smoothie. Our bars add a major blast of nutrition and flavor to a smoothie. We suggest adding a base of ice, nut milk, nut butter and spinach. But experiment! Go crazy! 




organic adaptogenic energy SEND Bars


4. Stack ‘em. For those days that you’re sitting in traffic, starving and ready to run someone off the road, unwrap both flavors, press those suckers together and enjoy the most incredibly delicious, over-the-top car snack you’ve ever had.




adaptogenic fresh food bars


5. Crumble them over ice cream. Maybe you had a stressful day. Maybe you have exams. Maybe you have the munchies. All you know is that you need a bowl of ice cream. At SEND we don’t believe in deprivation, we believe in adding nutrition to your cravings. So make that bowl of ice cream, and add greens, fiber, protein, omegas, iron, adaptogens and superfoods by crumbling a SEND Bar on top. Don’t just relieve yourself of guilt, feel great about your decision to eat ice cream! 

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